Is Your Power Steering Failing? GWC Warranty has you covered

Is Your Power Steering Failing? GWC Warranty has you covered Posted on March 16, 2018Leave a comment

GWC Warranty Power SteeringDid you know a new power steering pump cost about $750 on average?! That’s a serious chunk of change for those of us trying to save some money. But having a vehicle service contract from a VSC provider like GWC Warranty can help you save big time on the cost of unexpected repairs like this.

It’s good to know that places like GWC Warranty have drivers covered, but many drivers still do themselves a disservice and cost themselves more money by not knowing the signs of a failing power steering pump. When issues like this go unattended and unrepaired for too long, other components of your vehicle can overcompensate for the inefficient operation and cause even more damage to your vehicle.

To help nip a power steering pump issue in the bud and prevent yourself from having to use your GWC Warranty VSC for more parts than you have to, here are some of the symptoms that your power steering is starting to go.

Noise when you turn the wheel

If you hear a whining sort of noise from your steering wheel when you turn it, you most likely have an issue with your power steering system. Either your fluid levels are low or you have a leak in your power steering pump.

Slow response from steering wheel

If you feel like your steering wheel is being slow to respond to the direction in which you are turning, there’s a good chance your power steering is failing. This might also be accompanied by the whining noise described above.

A stiff steering wheel

A failing power steering system can affect your steering wheel in a number of ways. Not only can it make the steering wheel slow to respond, it can also make it stiff and hard to turn. If you find your steering wheel hard to turn, your power steering pump is probably going bad.

Startup noise

If you hear a squealing noise when you start up your vehicle, this could be a sign that your power steering system is going awry. This sort of noise can also happen when you make sharp turns, but you should take a listen for it each time your start up an older vehicle. The noise is usually caused by a power steering pump going bad and making a belt slip.

Groaning from under the hood

Groaning is perhaps the worst noise a power steering system can make. It tends to get worse as the power steeling fails worse and usually leads to the power steering pump needing to be replaced. If you hear a groaning noise from under your hood, you should take your car to an automotive professional as soon as possible.

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